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Entering the Miss Teenage Canada pageant was a dare to myself and to my greatest amazement, I am attending the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. I had no idea what the journey would look like.

Since the beginning of my journey at Miss Teenage Canada, it’s like a dream! I have so much fun and the other girls are sooooo nice. Yesterday, it was so exciting, I felt like a super star! We had our hair and make up done so that we could look fabulous for a photoshoot, a videoshoot (which will be broadcast if I’m in the top 20) and an interview.



For dinner, CleanMeals offered us frozen health food, it was really good. Lately, I have realized the importance of eating and eating well; maintaining a healthy weight is not about starving but eating healthy food. As you all know, my platform is about reminding all of us the importance of eating, where not everybody is privileged enough to eat one to three meals a day. Therefore, this blog is perfect to highlight and remind everybody of making small gestures to help those in need of something as basic and essential as eating, regardless of the age, sex or nationality.

Eating well does not mean depriving ourselves but finding a balance. It is important to eat fruits and vegetables, grain products, dairy products as well as meats and alternatives (I encourage everyone to consult the Canadian food guide by clicking here, I learned a lot by reading it). These different foods have different benefits for the body. For example, meats and substitutes (proteins) are very important after physical exertion since they feed the muscles; and we all know that physical activity is also important for a healthy lifestyle so we better nourish these muscles hahaha!

Also, dairy products (excellent source of calcium) are important to maintain healthy bones. There are of course many other benefits. If you are interested, I recommend the article of Passe-Port Santé which alphabetically treats each food by explaining their nutritional values, their profile, their benefits, etc. You can find it by clicking here.

As mentioned, I used to have a bad relationship with food. Lately, I began my journey to learn to eat well. Since then, I started having a better relationship with food and my body. It is useless to fight. Eating is a basic need and also a pleasure of life. There are so many flavorful healthy foods that we need to discover and maintain in our everyday eating habits. Summer is so awesome with all the fresh fruits and vegetables 😊!

Laurence L, Miss Teenage Châteauguay

Bonjour tout le monde,

Depuis le début de mon aventure à Miss Teenage Canada, je vis sur un nuage! J’ai tellement de plaisir. Surtout qu’hier, ma journée était tellement excitante! En effet, j’ai dû me faire maquiller et coiffer pour être prête pour un photoshoot, un videoshoot (qui sera diffusé si je fais partie du top 20) et un interview.

Pour souper, CleanMeals nous ont offert des plats surgelés santé. bien s’aien s’alimenter! Ça m’a donc fait penser à l’importance de bien manger. Surtout que ma plateforme est de nourrir les autres. Donc parfait pour faire un blog! Hihi!

Bien manger, ça ne signifie pas de se priver, mais de trouver un équilibre. Il est important de manger des fruits et légumes, des produits céréaliers, des produits laitiers ainsi que les viandes et des substituts (pour plus d’information, vous pouvez consulter le guide alimentaire en cliquant ici). Ces différents aliments ont différents bienfaits pour le corps. Par exemple, les viandes et substituts sont très important après un effort physique puisque ce sont des protéines. Ces derniers nourrissent les muscles. Aussi, les produits laitiers sont une excellente source de calcium. Ainsi, les os peuvent être nourris à leur tour. Il y a bien sûre plein d’autres bienfaits! Si cela vous intéresse, je vous conseille l’article de Passe-Port Santé qui traite alphabétiquement chaque aliment en expliquant leurs valeurs nutritives, leur profil, leurs bienfaits, etc. Vous pouvez le retrouver en cliquant ici.

Moi, qui autrefois avait une mauvaise relation avec la nourriture, j’ai appris à bien m’alimenter. Ainsi, je vis beaucoup plus sainement avec mon corps. Ça ne sert à rien de lutter. Manger est un besoin de base et aussi un plaisir de la vie.

Merci de m’avoir lu!

Laurence L., Miss Teenage Châteauguay

Written by: Laurence L

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